Custom incense

Astaajworld Perfumes design and creates custom incense, one of a kind. Designed to perfectly match your personality, fragrance need and express your emotions through scent.
We send a questionnaire followed by a consultation (in person or over the phone). once we have received all necessary information we create your incense within 3 weeks and send you a sample. if you like it we bottle it and send you your incense in a 300g container.
However if you wish to adjust it,you might have an additional adjustment at no cost. after that, subsequent adjustments will be charged at N2000 per formula adjustment. Your formula will be registered with a unique number, name and only be reproduced per your request. but if you haven't re-ordered in 3 years Astaaj world perfumes reserve the right to use the formula at its own discretion.
Cost of customised incense in 300g container is  N8,000. Re-ordering is  N6000

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