A.Yes we are registerd as astaaj world investment limited by the cooperate affairs commision of Nigeria

Q. What is humrah?

A.  Humrah is an infused perfume made from aromatic resins,spices,alcohol, water and perfume oils

Q. Do you have sample?

A. No but we are looking into providing some soon

Q  How do i choose a fragrance?

A. Check our fragrance selectioin guide or contact us for customisation

Q. How do i get your products? 

A. We ship our products world wide, distance is not a barrier 

Q. Can I cancel order after purchase

A.  NO. at astaajworld perfumes we try our best to provide you with clear information on each product to help you make an informed decision before purchase

Q. What is return policy

A.  WE GENERALLY DO NOT ACCEPT returns.but in the event of damage during delivery by us , we will replace the damaged products without charging you shipping fee, but you will have to CONTACT US immediately after receiving the parcel and  return the damaged merchandise within 3 week (shipping fee for returns of goods is on you)

Q. Where do you get your Caps

A. Our Caps are carefully handmade by knitters in Borno State

Q.  Do you customise Caps?

A. Yes. in the event of customization it takes 4-6 weeks and price may be higher.

Q.  How do I measure my Cap Size?

A. Place the tape around your head about 1/8" above your ears, accross the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly but not too tight. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the cap will seat.

Q. Do  you offer certificates for your training

A. Yes we offer certificates for all trainings. 

Q. Can  I Join Online training if i leave outside Nigeria

A. Yes  you can join anywhere in the world.

Q. How  do i get my training kit for online class

A. We ship it to your location. Note shipping fee is your responsibility

Q.  Do you offer private tuitoring?

A.  YES send us a mail to arrange the meeting


A.  WE Do NOT refund or accept cancellation of courses. these courses take a lot of time, energy and finances to prepare. we can reshedule your class to another time incase of emergences or upgrade it to private tutoring