Having a hard time deciding which perfume or incense to try or gift someone? Fill out our fragrance questionnaire, you will receive response from the CEO / Perfumer Astaharam Ardo Jabbo within 5 working days with recommendations.

      1. What qualities are you looking for in an incense or perfume? (e.g. Sensuality, Relaxing, Romantic Boldness, Freshness, Classic)
      2. When and how do you intend to use the perfume/incense (e.g. Daytime, Evenings, Special occasion)
      3. Mention your favorite scent (e.g. Banana, Citrus, Woody)
      4. Mention scent you do not like at all
      5. Do you like spices? If yes give example
      6. Do you like florals? If yes give example
      7. Do you wear fruity fragrance? (Yes/No)
      8. Generally do you like a strong fragrance or a mild one? 
      9. Have you ever used incense before? (Yes/No)
      10. How often do you use incense? 
      11.Do you have any known allergies? 
      12. How did you hear about us?