Sampling Tips

Following these tips will help you experience the scent to its fullest potential and be able to decide which scent you like the most .

1. Smell only 3-5 samples at a time. advisably inhale a fresh coffee beans or tea bag in between sampling to refresh your olfactory sensitivity.
2. Smell the perfume/incense from the container first to get your first impression, keep in mind initial impressions might fade as perfume interacts with your body
3. Be sure to apply perfume on your skin,pulse to be precise as just smelling a perfume from container will not tell you how the perfume will smell on your skin.
4. Do not burn incense in a burner that has reminiscence of other incense, this will not give you the actual scent of the incense in question.

5. Always make sure the coal is fully light before introducing incense into the burner.

Storing and caring for your perfume/incense

1. Opening the container; for glass containers,pull up the cover gently to open. for plastic containers screw  anticlockwise to open.
2. Store incense and perfume mostly in glass containers and in the dark.
3. Avoid keeping perfume/incense in heat and too much light areas e.g toilet and kitchen

Perfume / incense safety tips
1. Avoid contact with eyes
2. Do not take it internally
3. Keep out of reach of children and pets
4. Avoid using if any sign of irritation or allergy occurs.
5. Keep perfume/incense away from heat and direct sunlight.

Astaajworld perfumes and astaaj world investment limited assume no liability or responsibility to any physical conditions, including allergic reactions, that may occur as a result of direct or indirect use of any of our products. it is the client responsibility to use our products properly and safely