Founder / ceo

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A staharam Ardo Jabbo, the Nose and Founder of ASTAAJWORLD perfumes creates fragrances inspired by her culture, emotion and memories. Her art and creativity in perfumery stems from her passion for fragrances and expressing herself through scents            
A staharam Ardo Jabbo a native of Adamawa State, Fulani by tribe was born in the late 1980s in Maiduguri, Borno State. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Science from University of Maiduguri and M. Sc in Biotechnology from Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna. 
She has been making Incense / Perfume since 2009; She learnt from local perfumers in Maiduguri and has perfected her self through research and dedication. Over the years, she has produced a twist to the world of traditional perfumery by integrating with western perfumery into the art of incense and infused perfume (humrah).
Recently she has introduced a training class for traditional perfumery and has train more than 50+ participants around the globe in a span of one month. 
A staharam Ardo Jabbo is happily married and blessed with a beautiful daughter.